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Creative i Technology is First DIRECT Placement Consultancy

As a jobseeker, taking the next step in your career can sometimes come with its challenges. This is where we step in!


Creative i Technology will provide you with the support and guidance you need to introduce you to an employer that gives you the recognition, challenge and reward you deserve.

Whether you are seeking temporary, contract or permanent position, we can help you! At Creative i Technology, we believe that building a strong relationship with you, our candidate, is of the highest importance. We make it a priority to understand your experience, your skills and your aspirations so we can find a role that will truly fulfill you, and ultimately lead to a successful career.

Take the next step in your career by contacting our recruiting consultant today. We specialized in a comprehensive list of sectors construction, engineering, executive, financing and accounting, health and nursing, hospitality and tourism, human resources, industrial, information and technology, legal, logistics, mechanical, office support and secretarial, professional services, property, retail sales, sales and marketing and transport. We do it all!

Our services are entirely confidential. We NEVER share any information to anyone without your consent.





Creative i Technology is a prestigious recruitment consultancy offering exceptional services to you; our valued candidates, by offering the best service available. Our passionate consultants who are market experts in their field will provide you with the ultimate recruitment experience and help you get that all important career opportunity that will propel your career to new heights.
We will:


  • Treat you with respect.
  • Call you back.
  • Conduct a thorough interview and provide an appraisal of your skills, cultural fit and salary.
  • Share our specialist industry knowledge.
  • Provide honest feedback.
  • Only represent you with your knowledge .
  • Do what we promise.
  • Prepare you thoroughly for client interviews.
  • Ensure our discussions are completely confidential.
  • Encourage and support your long term career aspirations.




If you are one of the thousands of job seekers currently looking for employment in India, then talk to one of our recruiting consultants to help you on your way with a great career start.


At Creative i Technology, we are dedicated to candidate care. We go the extra mile to support our candidates, when transitioning into their next role.
Whether you’re looking for career progression or simply want a job, we’ve got expert advice and information to help you get to where you want to go.

To find out more contact Creative i Technology on PHONE +91 - 98496-92905 OR SEND AN EMAIL ENQUIRY.
A representative from Australian Recruiting Group will be happy to help you out.


People are not just part of our business they are our business.We strive to deal with our candidates in an honest and supportive manner, whilst always seeking the most appropriate candidate for every job that comes across our desk. With jobs all across India, we are readily able to help you build your career and find that dream job. We know that job satisfaction reflects on your life satisfaction, and as such we will consult you to find a role that best suits you whether it's full-time, part-time or contracting.





Having trouble getting your foot in the door?
Are you having problems on what to include on your resume?
Your Resume will be professionally written by a highly regarded Recruitment Consultant with experience in the industries.

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  1.Creative i Technology will charge job seeker's a fee for the purpose of finding the job seeker employment.

  2. Creative i Technology will not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct.

  3. Registering with Creative i Technology is totally confidential. 


  4. If you (the job seeker) believe that Creative i Technology has acted inappropriately, you may contact the Office of Fair Trading for the information   on possible action that may be taken.